Dark Kitchens & Allergen Awareness is Your Unknown Nemesis

Nearly 70% of kitchen workers don’t know enough about allergens – according to a leading consultant at Navitas – as part of an article from Andrew Seymour at FEJ on 22nd October 2020.

With the increase in dark kitchens- ghost kitchens or cloud kitchens to increase take away capacity across the sector, there is clearly a huge gap in the training and a need for more support.

Most traditional bricks and mortar chains have strived to keep up with, and learn lessons as their customers communicated their needs in food preparation, but the speed at which the dark kitchens evolve, means many customers have no idea where their food has come from, aside from the front end marketing and menu information available on the aggregators websites.

By working with companies and specialist consultants who can help get your staff trained and ensure via audits that every dark kitchen is allergen safe, there will be less risk to your customers, less risk to your business reputation and subsequent fines.

Typically dark kitchens are working to deliver to a 2 mile radius, and in the USA there is one company that has already created 30 dark kitchen brands -but without solid allergen awareness and training- the risk to the customer base grows exponentially large – no matter the country.

Caroline Benjamin at Food Allergy Aware Training Consultancy offers both audits and training courses


At Clifton Foodservice Consultants we can support the audits and undertake assistance for making sure your entire operation is food safe and allergen ready for Environmental Health Inspections.

Nearly 70% of kitchen workers admit they don’t know enough about allergens