According to Packaging Europe on line trade magazine “Ovenable packaging is an area of particularly progressive and consumer led innovation. Refreshingly new concepts are being introduced to the market which challenge conventional ways of cooking, whilst injecting flavour, convenience and quality to the process.”

We have the only global solution to help foodservice operators become a leader in handling food more safely,and offer food manufacturers a more sustainable solution, for that factory to consumer experience.

How many times can your product become potentially cross contaminated in the food service stream?

We can help you identify and add a cost effective alternative,with the HAVI SIX500 packaging solution.


There are over 1,500,000 accelerated cooking ovens in the global market place today, in some of the best high street coffee chains,well known restaurants,and retail brands.

Collectively,as the high street footprint for cooking equipment shrinks,and the requirement for better food quality increases,how do you offer a sustainable packaging solution, at the point of service to your guest, that ticks all the boxes.

Most packaging in the industry does not withstand high heat up to 275°c /525°f– plus 2000 watts of microwave, plus impingement heat, steam, or convection and steam together.

SIX500 does all this and more, for the global solution to a huge problem,we all have right now.

Maybe do this quick quiz ,to analyse if this might be an area you need to look into:


Do I have sustainable packaging solutions in my operation?

If you do – is it 100% food safe with high temperature equipment, such as accelerated ovens, combination cooking,or impinger platforms?

Is it safety compliant at 275°c/525°f for 6 mins in each of these platforms?


If not, then we can help you with a solution that does the following for you, using a new patented range called SIX500;

  • Heat both liquids and solids from either chilled, frozen or ambient.
  • Heat from the factory or CPU – without staff touching the product,so minimising cross contamination and improving your HACCP plan.
  • The ability to keep allergens separate from the main service.
  • Safe to handle out of the ovens within 10 seconds–whilst retaining required core temperatures of food products.
  • Sustained labour cost savings in serving and cleaning dishes.
  • One time use product- no warewashing costs.
  • Cost effective solutions for both end users and food manufacturers alike.
  • We have various shapes and sizes across the range – with lids.
  • The ability to custom create (minimum orders required) for any customer request.

Please call me to discuss what we have created for other customers in both UK and internationally,with our partners at HAVI Global Europe.

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