Food and Beverage Innovation

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Is your menu in need of an overhaul?

Do you want to add on trend appetisers,or have a signature dish that becomes your customers' reason for visiting your establishment?


Do you need some help with some global menu ideas,or localising the menu offering,whilst using your current equipment?

Are you looking to initiate or expand your breakfast daypart,but don’t know where to start,without adding costly new ingredients or additional supply chain items to your inventory?

Are you looking for new ways to make your bar menu on trend and profitable, in a limited space, with possibly 90 seconds as your order to table time?

How many times do you look at the children’s beverage menu and settle for juice,carbonated soft drinks or flavoured water?


Clifton Foodservice Consultants Ltd can work with you to help achieve your business goals the easy way, from supplier to plate or packaging, we will guide you through the process ensuring you meet your deadlines and budget,as well as achieve your goals. We provide a consultancy service where we come and work with you and your suppliers, as well as your staff to help you to analyse any existing problems,and find affordable solutions. We understand the importance of investing time and money in the right way to ensure it is not wasted.


Alternatively, I can help you put together additional events such as:

  • Workshops and Education Days in house
  • Culinary Development days in house
  • Concept Development days at your food suppliers’ facilities.
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Let us help to save your catering business time and money!

Whether you are just starting out, or you have an established foodservice business, we can help to save you valuable time and money by guiding you through every step of the process offering advice and designing new systems.

Clifton Foodservice Consultants Ltd cover everything from staff training through to menu and kitchen design and much more.