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Most foodservice employees have some weaknesses in their workplace skills. A tailored training program allows you to strengthen those skills, that each employee needs to improve.

Working with foodservice safety training experts,such as “Hospitality Learning” ,we can help craft your training, and deliver it in a more timely manner.

Time is money for you,and you need everybody on the team making your customers happy,and creating a profit for your business.


Staff are such an integral part of any business, and especially in the foodservice sector. It is so important to have not only the right skill set to achieve your goals, but also a good working environment to keep staff turnover low.

Clifton Foodservice Consultants Ltd can help work with you to review your current skill sets, and what is needed, as well as assist with locating key staff and training.


It is important to take action now, with the British Hospitality Association (now UK Hospitality), reporting a national skills shortage in the industry, saying that by 2029 there will be an estimated shortfall of one million workers!



Part of the problem is apprenticeships being slow to gain traction,but if you operate one,it allows the employer to be attractive to an employee,show career development and retain your best talent.


However, even when you have the best leadership, time taken recruiting and training your key chefs is a time-consuming process.

We can help you with this–developing a robust and measurable skills-based recruitment,and linear training,which matches skills with your business needs.


You need people + process + physical evidence to give you a result that makes you money.


You also need to consider your staff retention,which is about having engaged teams who have a common goal in customer service - and some of this is driven by selecting the right people + right equipment process + customer results = profit.


We can help put a training package together for you,if have multiple locations,need consistency,and have no time to create this key part of your business.

For food safety training, please contact our food service partner Hospitality Learning

or by emailing Peter Jarrett - Director - at


Call me to find out how we worked with an international hotel chain to create a training plan.

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Let us help to save your catering business time and money!

Whether you are just starting out, or you have an established foodservice business, we can help to save you valuable time and money by guiding you through every step of the process offering advice and designing new systems.

Clifton Foodservice Consultants Ltd cover everything from staff training through to menu and kitchen design and much more.