Kitchen Design & Equipment Specification

Did you know that you shouldn’t put more than 60% of your menu through one piece of equipment?

Adjacencies can not only be more efficient for your staff, but have a better order to table time – so you could show better customer satisfaction scores.

Have a discussion with us about potentially simple changes, to make big improvements in labour expenditure, and ultimately improve your guest experience.


Is your kitchen design working for you,and your chefs?

Are you considering investing in new equipment, but are unsure of where to start or what return you will get?


Sadly in our industry the staff turnover is typically very high with chefs, and every chef,wherever he or she works, wants the kitchen to be "their" kitchen.

Most chefs are not lucky enough to work in a new kitchen very often - maybe once in their career - meaning they often just have to 'make it work' with what they do have available.

However, sometimes chefs are lucky, and are asked about their opinions regarding equipment.

This can be success and failure in equal measure. Without the right guidance, in both layout, form and function, money and time can be wasted.

These days having a piece of equipment that just does what it says on the website isn’t sufficient.

With tighter legislation over waste, and rising utility costs, the optimum pieces of equipment needs to make you money 24/7, and ideally when the operation is closed.

Clifton Foodservice Consultants Ltd work with you to undertake the following steps before any commitment is made regarding equipment decisions

Site Visits for observation.

Identify any issues and where the concerns are from all perspectives.

Dependant on the identified areas of work required – create a joint scope of works.

This may include creating training plans, identifying equipment failures or improvements required,to be able to deliver the requisite menus.


For most projects we have to understand the same three elements:

-  Food

-  People

-  Equipment

Every project will have an issue in making revenue, if there is a speed bump with any of the element of the journey.


As part of the process, I can also offer you the following support services

Allergen advice and Training for staff

Equipment Surveys

Food Safety & Hygiene Checks

Training & Development Plans

Recruitment selection assistance for both senior foodservice and culinary staff.



What is a North Star Solution?


Why should it matter to us as foodservice professionals?


Some of the questions we need to ask ourselves as we move forward,with a new generation of connected equipment, and even more connected people might be…


How do you reduce space in kitchens, with the ambition to do more menu items with less equipment,increase your covers and possibly your spend per head ... is this your North Star goal?


Is there a way to treat food waste differently, as land fill space and water quality become key government topics?


How do we deliver a fully connected kitchen?


As the world’s plastic is reduced – do you have your packaging solution ready for the expansion of high heat ovens globally.

We can offer great chef inspired food  to be delivered straight to your guests- with no cross contamination.


As a provider of solutions, I can help you work with both culinary innovators, beverage culinologists, and equipment experts across the world,we can find your North Star to future proof your business and ensure you have sustainable solutions.


For further information or to see how we can help , just contact us.

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Whether you are just starting out, or you have an established foodservice business, we can help to save you valuable time and money by guiding you through every step of the process offering advice and designing new systems.

Clifton Foodservice Consultants Ltd cover everything from staff training through to menu and kitchen design and much more.