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According to recent research,one of the top 15 frustrations facing foodservice operators,is the cost and expense of updating their food and beverage offering.

However without it, menu fatigue sets in,and your customers stop visiting you. Let me help you review your offering, and discuss what works,and what could generate a new revenue stream.

Clifton Foodservice Consultants Ltd provide a one-stop-shop,in helping you save your catering business ,both time and money.

We provide a consultancy service where we work with you to develop a detailed plan of action,including phased options, as needed to meet your timescales and budgets.

This can include:

  • Food and beverage menu development session,by locating menu or beverage items that fit a client brief.
  • Creating a work session for review with equipment solutions.
  • Costings for supply chain.

We will visit your business and your supply chain partner location,if applicable,to work as a team to develop a plan and create the optimum decision making time,to allow your project to progress.

Also spending observational time on site,to identify bottlenecks in operations,or staffing issues,plus kitchen design and layouts, for better flow through the systems.

The scope of works will determine the amount of assistance required,and over what time period.

We are members of the FCSI and we agree to their following terms:

Foodservice consultants operate as independent business people with firms ranging in size from one person to large operations, with multiple offices around the globe. Some consultants work primarily close to their home base while others are spanning the globe with projects on several continents.

– Independent of the supply of goods to the industry

  • Does not supply/sell equipment
  • Does not work for a commission
  • Serves only the best interests of the Client

– Negotiates a fixed fee for a defined scope of work prior to beginning an assignment

– Could work directly for owner, operator, developer, or architect

Normally has several clients concurrently”

FCSI Terms

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Let us help to save your catering business time and money!

Whether you are just starting out, or you have an established foodservice business, we can help to save you valuable time and money by guiding you through every step of the process offering advice and designing new systems.

Clifton Foodservice Consultants Ltd cover everything from staff training through to menu and kitchen design and much more.

Clifton Foodservice Consultants are proud members of: