SIX500 Packaging Development Day at Marren Microwave Ltd – April 24th 2019

Banana Bread with Bacon and Maple Cream Cheese in 30 seconds


Shakshooka with eggs, feta and coriander in 1 minute 45 seconds


Moroccan Spiced Mango Chicken Bridor brioche in 35 seconds

Salmon Bahn Mi in 1 minute


Bridor New Pizza Twists in 20 seconds

Sweet and Salty Nachos in 20 seconds

This list is some of what you get  if you put a mixture of experienced food service professionals, a handful of chefs, some global equipment manufacturers and a few new food ideas into the SIX500 Demonstration Day held at Marren Microwave on 24th April 2019.

six500For more information about this innovative packaging solution from HAVI – Just call me for an informal discussion about how this can save you money, and make your operation easier every day, or go to the packaging page on my website.

For your Free Sample pack email Marren at

or call 01933 665313 option 3

Thanks also to both Alison at Bridor- & Sharon at The Big Banana Bread Company –




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